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VOL 3. NO. 25 Monday, July 2 - Sunday, July 8, 2001
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I live in Dallas, and saw your web address advertised at the DC Caribbean Carnival. I have searched the web to find web sites like metroconnection.info (aka metroconnection.info) and could not. Now when I plan visits home (MD) I can visit your site. Thanks and keep up the great work. Lots of interesting articles and links.
Mr. Reed:

Did you ask Joe Madison about what he had seen on his visits to Sudan before you wrote your article, Business Exchange: Don't Be Bamboozled With Claims Of Slavery In Sudan Sudan Bashers Being "Mislead" By Whites' Agenda? (www.metroconnection.info/besudan.htm)

Is your research into Sudan's current state of affairs so comprehensive and complete that you can legitimately dismiss everything on the site http:www.joemadison.com/madisudan.html?

Why should Metro Connection readers accept your version of things over anyone else's? - Nmoore

Dear Mr./Ms. Moore:

While I have known Mr. Madison for over 15 years (if just happens that we are both from Dayton, Ohio), I have not asked him about the "slavery in Sudan" issue. I have reviewed his website and have known Mr. Charles Jacobs since he started his anti-slavery group in 1995. I have had numerous discussions with Jacob, Samuel Cotton and others who advocate that there is government-sponsored slavery in Sudan.

I no more deny that there is some form of slavery in Sudan than I do that there is slavery being practiced here in the U.S. (Reports are that there are 50,000 such cases here in the U.S. -- there were two recent court cases in Montgomery County, Maryland, right outside Washington, D.C. -- and 20 million cases worldwide.

What I do take issue with is Madison's advocacy against the government of Sudan. It fits too well the hegemony objectives of the Western powers - particularly the British who were the "former" colonialists in Sudan. If you check, you will find that the Christian Solidarity International group is directly connected to Baroness Cox and other English rulers. Also, the people who run Christian Solidarity are not Christian, but Jewish. (I personally question their associations with the Jewish State (Israel). If you check you will note that the CSI has "bought" over 30,000 slaves, and Madison 4,000. These numbers are implausible in their number and amount of payment to "redeem" them. Many humanitarian groups operating in Sudan and Africa have questioned the CSI operations and "buying of slaves." Also, check the close relationship of CSI and John Garang's army. (It maybe that the buying of slaves is being done by CSI and that army. It may be also that many of the same "slaves" are being re-bought for public relations benefit.

Lastly, rather than send money for CSI to "buy" people out of slavery, let's stop the war. If you stop the war all such activity will cease. - William Reed

In RESPONSE TO OUR story on the recent tax cut (www.metroconnection.info/begbtaxcut.htm) one reader had this to say.
So, you all up in arms about a few hundred dollars that came as a result of a tax cut initiative by Bush? And you are a thinking person? I'm only a country boy from Louisiana, however, I understand that most of the blacks, and whites, who did well during the 90s did so as a result of Clinton's leadership on the economic front. So, you figure, a couple hundred dollars is a good thing when during the Reagan/Bush years, those same blacks who became "middle class" and are now "highest tax bracket Americans" during the Clinton years were struggling to survive. You think that maybe $500.00 is something to be thankful for when so many people are and will be looking for jobs.

Did you measure the whole economy against this tax rebate? What does the jobless rate look like now? How many new jobs are being created? Who will be the first fired and last hired when Bush's initiatives are in full effect? Sure, if you look at it from only one indicator, we are doing just fine as African Americans and Americans as a whole. However, look at the larger picture!!! That same $500.00 will only pay the increase in gasoline prices at the pump while not helping to pay the increase in cost of energy at home.

Did you notice that in Washington, DC and other centers of urban life, read large Black populations, that those who are on the margins of society and were just beginning to get up from years of economic savagery are being pushed back down into dungeons of financial despair. The closing of DC General, the process of re-gentrification, the school voucher movement and on and on.

The initiatives of Bush and all like him, in ideology and practice, are like those of all slave-makers masquerading as traders and businessmen of all human history. A few pennies now for your soul later. You sound like the native American Indian who thought "Reservations" would be a benefit to his people. All I know is this, what is $300.00 to a family of 4 with a taxable income of $12,000? What is $34,000.00 to a family of 2 with a taxable income of $600,000.00? Let me end in the way that my elders did when I was a child, "All that glitters ain't gold! -- Chef

Postscript: I've read your article twice and I sense a hint of satire or a bit of sarcasm. I hope that is the case! If so, then my words are for those who actually feel it's a good thing to have another Bush in the House. If not, then think on these things. Besides, one shouldn't measure a person by how they care for those who have, rather by how they care for those who are in fact, the have-nots!

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